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Green Corfu is the most popular website of Corfu about alternative tourism, alternative therapies and local products. We started out in 2010 and our visitor count has been increasing steadily ever since.  Apart from a website, Green Corfu is also a real-estate agency and a travel agency. Our customers are independent travelers seeking to taste and feel the uniqueness of Corfu.

We promote different kinds of alternative tourism such as walking, cycling, meditation, yoga, horse-riding, culinary holidays, sailing and anything else that can bring visitors to Corfu outside of July and August. We also use and promote a wide range of alternative therapies like massage, energetic therapies, natural nutrition, sound therapies and many more.

Apart from the natural landscape, the wealth of Corfu are its natural products. Local producers of food, artifacts and other products can be showcased through our website to exactly the audience that is interested and wants to buy their products.

We believe it is imperative that we change the image of Corfu abroad, from a mass tourism destination to a paradise of alternative activities and natural products. In that direction we are organizing next year for the fourth consecutive year the Corfu Symposium on Managing and Marketing Places. You can read more on

Our website is and there you can find a lot of information on the nature, history, flora and fauna of Corfu, as well as the possibility to book accommodation and travel services, and also to buy land and/or houses around Arillas

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