Monks and gurus at our beach "1st April 2017"

The Arillas community is bringing in to the area a “spiritual" group of volunteers that will keep the place clean and tidy all year round. The groups of these monks from Asia will be living in Arillas for the next few years teaching the zen and zin to the locals. Their main job will be to help the community gain a better understanding of the life in an economical crisis. Today they started cleaning the beach and every sunday they will be there to help in any practical public actions like, streaming, pruning, painting, building and keeping our beach and other areas of Arillas Clean from the rubbish that our tourists and locals live behind them.

Their payment will be: free living under the olivegroves and free Asian-vegetarian food at the local Tavernas.

If this experiment succeeds we are going to introduce it to the next near-by resorts and hotels. Arillas Gurus Arillas Gurus Arillas Gurus