Cosmos Beach House in St George

Secluded, private and spacious “Cosmos” beach house is an idyllic place for a relaxing holiday for all the family. The house is situated on the beach at Ag. Yiorgios (St. George) with stunning views of the bay. Fall out of bed in the morning into crystal clear Ionian waters. With spacious and open plan rooms, generous windows and stone floor, the house is a cool haven in the heat of summer. Cosmos sleeps six, each of the three bedrooms with a bathroom. There is a large open plan sitting/dining and kitchen room, and spacious verandahs on both floors. The kitchen is fully equipped for those who want to eat at home; though there is a quiet little taverna with delicious fresh seafood next door. Although quiet and peaceful there are boating activities and amenities within a few minutes walk, so a car is not essential for those who want the pure beach experience. Cosmos is situated at the northern Afionas end of Ag. Yiorgios Bay which is still wild, backed by hills of broom and myrtle and other native plants. In spring these hills offer magnificent walks, in summer you can rent a boat and explore the bay’s headlands of towering cliffs which hide sandy coves and rocky reefs. After a hot day in the sun return to the cool tranquility of Cosmos. House amenities Washing machine; dishwasher; solar powered water heater Maid service provided twice a week Pets by arrangement only – dogs are not allowed on the beach in summer Local facilities Motor boats, sailing boats and windsurfers available for hire on the beach Car hire locally available Rates May,

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