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Re: Arillas Today
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Hi Mo how are you i hope to see you this year with darts

I think this is it if not Neil will say,19.6639097,16z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x135b51fd69e2ce17:0xe4ca2d6288884b7e!8m2!3d39.737775!4d19.6743381


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Re: Arillas Today
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Kevin - I hope Mo n Dave bring their darts , also, but I would prefer they left the flights at home!!!

Yer not wrong with Louvros Café. Used to be the !Zachharoplasteo" - A busy place and very popular with all here. ( No dart board though)

Arillas has been a dry day , today , after 4 days of, what seemed to be, so much rain , the heavens much be overdrawn. (Pay overdraft back & give us a rest)
Poor "Clean Monday" and not an Arillas Kite in sight!! - But many in "Kostas" n Armourada enjoying a vast selection of fish on offer.

Holes in roads are getting bigger and there has been a few minor mud slides, but nothing here that puts locals under pressure (Take in in stride time)

Fiesta found a big hole though , on the way to Sidari , which cost us a new tyre. - BUMMER!!! - (You just don't know what's under that puddle)

But.... all in all , a very nice warm day and with "Kostas" and "Beach Point"  to sit and watch the waves , "WOTCOODBEBETTER??"

Wegg cooks me a "Night Owl" size pork choppie , tonight , so maybe "COODBEBETTER" - (Who knows about Night Owl Pork Chops , then?? - Big buggers!)