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Hi what is going on with the airline they are starting at Southend next year or are they going under
Bouncing checks the list goes on you only got to read or hear


Kev, the cheques only bounced because they hadn't been signed, so an admin error rather than a financial problem but personally I don't like their business model and don't trust what they say about their financial stability either. Having said that, I hope they keep going 'cos we use them all the time and it saves us a lot of money lol.

Agree with all Angie says !

Jo Wissett:
There is not a cat in hell’s chance I would ever book With Ryanair. Wouldn’t take the risk

We have flown with them a few times and did this year in June. No problems but I agree more of a risk but having said that we go in June and they tend to strike during the school holidays. They do flights on a Sunday which we like and also from East Midlands which is after Doncaster is  our nearest air port. Not made up my mind who to book with for next year but will have to decide soon as I guess flights will be coming out soon.


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