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Does anyone know if Ryanair are doing flights to Corfu in 2019 and if so what date they are released.

I am trying to get a Sunday flight again to avoid Corfu airport on a Monday or Friday  (Tui's turnaround day) as it was mental beyond belief on Monday coming home with Easyjet.  I have seen it bad but never that bad. The queue for security and passport control was past the main doors right to the other end of the airport and back on itself!

Also after talking to people about cost of flights it seems it is no cheaper to book earlier now with Easyjet. We flew in June with Ryanair on a Sunday and the airport was a lot better.

Funnily enough there was some 'movement' yesterday on Summer flights to Tenerife from Birmingham so it looks like the time is near.......
Keep um peeled!


Hi Sonia

Yes Southend have just started to fly to Corfu with Ryanair Tuesday and Saturday only next April 2019


Jo Wissett:
Eileen has just posted that Summer flights are out but maybe it is early summer as July arenít showing.

 The easyJet July flights are what I am waiting for. They are released next Thursday around 6am. Bit worried about being as cheap as they never usually release the actual date.

For anyone going before July easyJet have that release tomorrow morning. Good luck everyone!!

Hi Jo,
I can't see that Corfu flights from Brum are out yet for next Summer yet .


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