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Alarmís Set!

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Jo Wissett:
Not exactly relishing tomorrowís alarm at 4:55am but the early bird catches the worm they say!

EasyJet full summer schedule goes live in the morning hopefully some bargains to be had! Good luck everyone xx

Good luck Jo 🙂

Iím sat in Bristol Airport departure lounge, flight to Corfu at 6.25!  Hoping that Bristol to Corfu for July 2019 is released before 5am otherwise no bargains for me, but on the plus side at least Iím on my way to Arillas for the second time this year!

Jo Wissett:
Just booked from Manchester 16 nights 22nd July- 7th Aug two 23 cases 2 adults £401 total. Pretty pleased with that but oh my god was stressful!!! Keep chucking me out at checkout

Corfu to Luton haven't shown yet :-(


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