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Boots closure at North Terminal Gatwick

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Read that Boots are to close their branch at the North Terminal. Boots currently have two branches, so hope one remains open so as you can still pre order your toiletries on line.
W H Smiths at the North Terminal are going to open up their own in store pharmacy in at least one of its stores,  as airport branches are the most profitable part of their businness.
The article was not very explicit. No date was mentioned.
Will find out when we attempt to place an order on line in June

Sandy x:
One is still open but unfortunately only the little one. Can’t think why they’ve done this...it was always busy in there. There is now a pharmacy in WH Smith next to the old Boots.

That's a shame. The smaller store has a limited range.
Cant imagine the prices in the WH Smith outlet. Their mark up on their high street store prices is very high.

The good news is I have contacted Boots and they confirmed that click and collect will be available at their remaining store. Normally collections were  from the larger store
Asked them are they sure, as the guy I spoke to did not seem very confident.
He checked and re affirmed that click and collect is available as per  with their policy of delivering any online order to any Boots outlet.


I'm sure that will be correct Geoff as my daughter has her orders delivered to an extremely small Boots in the local hospital where she works.

What would I have had  to leave out of my case to make room for toiletries ? Not the Colman's that's a cert


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