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We had a lovely holiday in Arillas this month and are considering returning for two weeks in October. Will the bars and restaurants still be open then? What sort of weather can we expect?

the bars and restaurants start to close down in october as this is the start of the winter months. the weather varies you may need a top to wear on the night time

The Oficial last day of the season is the last day of October. Nearly all of the places are open untill then.
Many regular visitors come in October because it is a lot quiter than normaly
some of the bigger Tavernas seem to be closing just before the season because they can not afford to stay open, but all the family-owned places are definately going to be there for you.



Thanks Dimitris - Please make sure that the stuffed spit-roast pork is on the menu in October.


Mick and Jill:
Hi Guest

We always go about the 7th October and the weather varies alot.  We have had thunder storms, hail stone and really heavy rain which causes problems with the electric but this only last for 1-2 days. Watching the lightening over the island is somthing else BUT we have also have excellent weather, really hot.  As Dimitris says the season is starting to come to a close so you get all the bargains in the shops and alot of attention in the Tavernas.  It's an excellent time to visit, we love going in May and October.  Go and get those tickets booked  :lol:

Best wishes Jill


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