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A trip

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« on: September 21, 2004, 06:07:31 PM »
I think that is how you spell it, paeolakstrika it is excellent if you want a trip somewhere nice then try this, and you will get a good deal in the place across from the coconut bar in arillas, they are alright on price as for the Libra reps and think they just rip you off as they are very expensive when you convert it back into pounds, as they have some stops so it takes longer as with this place across from the coconut bar you dont get any stops they says it takes about a hour but i timed it it took us 45 mins exactly if you get the lights going for you the traffic lights i mean.

bye for now


hope everyone enjoys there next holiday

P.S The only bad thing i found in arillas was you have to be on the road as no pavement in differnet areas, so very scary sometimes i thought but i am still here so is jackie, but you get the odd nutter if you no what i mean on the road, and also try the rainbow, it comes highly recommended by me.


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Paleokastritsa  :)