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Easyjet to fly to Corfu from April 2009

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--- Quote from: fLorence on January 09, 2012, 07:59:20 AM ---Hi! Is the promo still available up to now??
--- End quote ---

You best check the EasyJet website as this post was dated October 16th 2008.


Happy hunting! :)

I have saved myself over 200 pounds getting an easy jet flight for may2012 excellent or what.Using them in september also.I couldnt afford to go over if I couldnt get such a good deal.Long live easy jet....

We have Easyjet booked for june on a friday ex-Manchester. As luck would have it the july returns were not released at the same time so when they were we could book a saturday return. Much more civilised and at the time 120 each cheaper than TO fares.

i use e/j every year from gatwick ,,and find them fab ,,apart from the in-flight booze and nibbles a bit dear ,,so i take a bottle of water on the plane with me and wait till i get to the coconut ,for my alcohol intake greek stlye ..ahh mythos and mataxa,,yammas


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