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We used them last year, old but ok, owner is the bloke who used to run Excel! for those of us who can remember! he got the contract with Olympic after they fell out with Monarch last year, he just got a job lot of old planes to deliver contract, they looked suspiciously like the old Excel ones to us!

Val n Bill:

Don't think I would like them after all !!
Excel folding spoilt an awful lot of holidays.

              Val x

Especially ours Val, we now have to fly from Belfast to the mainland to get a plane to Corfu, but it's well worth it! Have contacted Easyjet a few times asking if they would consider even a short summer route, say July/August, but no luck so far but will keep trying as most of the english flights mean an overnight stay either on the way out or on the way back although we used Gatwick this year and although we were cutting it fine on the way back, we managed to get both flights on the same day.  Will probably use Gatwick again next year provided they keep their flight times the same.  It was a pity that Excel went out of business as they led us to Arillas in the first place so we would have to  thank them at least for that!

Sandra and Jim

Yes, Phil I feel just like that every time!!!  I thought it was only me!!

Anyway, to get to Arillas it just seems so much more worth it!

Take care   Mavis x

Val n Bill:

The only flights I don't really enjoy are transatlantic, so so boring, all that sea. :(

I am the woman who gets off the plane with the front of her hair stuck up like a fan from having my head against the window all the way across Europe. :)

        Val x


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