Author Topic: Where will you eat on the first night of your holiday and what will you have?  (Read 10321 times)

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Mon Amour. En francais, in French it means "my love." It  embodies that. My Love, meluvver. People who care for each other.

A magnificent place, superb atmosphere. The Kokkinos family supply food and joy to many, and even bus them in to join into the fun.

The rubbish Eggy describes is probably PhilnJen, our neighbourhood includes Jen being difficult. But we have high hopes we are forgiven. If you want to know where it is, Google it.

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always Brouklis  for sally and me,dont know what i will eat till i get there
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We arrive about midnight on 8th May but it will still be straight to Brouklis, we will most have a drink with Demi. Then go in, get to bed. I will be up about 7 next morning go for a walk round the block while Pete gets his case unpacked, and then whatever we do, we will be back in Brouklis to have our first evening meal.xx

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Phil , you're more paranoid than me!!!

Mon Amour would welcome you back , any lunchtime , or Xmas Day or Paska Sunday.

And.... as Jen knows , they will always pick you up.

Our first night of our hols was alwys some where on the Sea Frong. Just a nice reminder of what we would enjoy for a coupla weeks.


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Well it wasn't our first night but on Eggy's recommendation we went to Bavias, last night, (just this side of Sidari). I had Stuffed Bifteki and it was the best I have ever had - and I have had a few.
We were in Arillas for 2 whole months and going again for 2 weeks :-)

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Armourada - always the first night (and at least every other night) and Heidi and I will eat what Leon gives us 8) It is all good cooked by gorgeous Mama Kiki :)

Life is good ;)

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We are due to arrive at around 10pm, so we will have one of Nikos' wonderful toasted sandwiches at Mathraki, washed down with a glass of Mythos.

Then straight to Malibu for a drink.

We have no plans where to eat for the rest of the fortnight - just wherever we fancy on the night.  Always Nikos' boiled eggs for breakfast though!