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Arillas general information / Re: Flight changes
« Last post by Donpipez on Today at 11:26:31 AM »
So far we have been fortunate with this Year's flight times - Still no change.

However Thomson's have released Dates/Flight times for 2018 -Generally in the past there have always been plenty of 6am flights from whichever airport we choose (Northerly) but for next Year they all seem to be much later with the odd exception.
We prefer to fly early on both the outward flight (Time for a relaxing drink early afternoon) and returning home (Up, Breakfast & off)
Also booked around this time last Year for this Year's holiday & got a cracking deal but prices for Next Year at the moment are roughly 100pp more!!
I'll keep watching to see if the go down but may opt for one of the Budget Airlines again (Are they still budget though...?)

Neil & Jill

Arillas general information / Re: Flight changes
« Last post by Truth on Today at 12:48:39 AM »
We always book well in advance and I would say a high majority of our flight times change. Its a pain in the backside and can be costly but we have just had to learn to live with it unfortunately.
Best to try and forget it and not let it spoil your holidays, easier said than done I know...
Arillas general information / Re: Flight changes
« Last post by ger on Yesterday at 10:59:34 PM »
Yep, they can do what they like! I argued with them but didn't get me very far, they just quote the terms and conditions and that's it. I know they have to book in schedules a long time in advance but other companies seem to manage! We are only going for a week in may and when they change so you loose the first day and half the last day, well not much time left in arilas!
Arillas general information / Re: Flight changes
« Last post by steve p on Yesterday at 10:30:41 PM »
I received an e-mail from Thomsons today informing me of my flight time changes. A bit late as I had already seen them a week ago when I had my e-tickets. They say it is due to them planning their flight schedules well in advance but after a review they have had to change them. They also apologised for any inconvenience but that's all anyone will get out of them. Trouble is it will now add to my cost as my daughter will not be able to take me to the airport as she will be at work and I will now have to go in my car.
Arillas general information / Re: Flight changes
« Last post by suzy61 on Yesterday at 08:58:47 PM »
We have also just received an email from Thomson changing our flight times from 6:05 to 14.45. I am soooo annoyed!

We usually land at Corfu airport around 11:15 -11:30 and would be sitting by the pool with a cold beer about 2pm  Unfortunately we will now  still be at Birmingham airport at this time.
 Another annoying thing is, we've only been able to book for 10 nights this year due to us having a week in Crete in May.So even less time in Arillas now!
I'm not sure whether it's actually worth contacting Thomson - like others have already said, it's in their terms and conditions,but they give no reason for doing this...does anyone know why?

I suppose I am being selfish and should be grateful that we can have lovely holidays in our lovely Arillas and other Greek Islands. I am still annoyed!!!

Rant Over

Suzy X
Arillas general information / Re: Arillas Today
« Last post by Eggy on Yesterday at 06:27:19 PM »
Couple of favours , Cheryl ??
I am not wearing black lace stockings , a flying helmet and carrying a large lemon for anyone.
(And speedos are out oif the question)
HOWEVER .... A PM is on it's way back to you.

WOTCANISAY ...about Arillas today ??? - Still 22 deg at 6:30 pm and I am wondering why I wore a thermal vest this afternoon.

Arillas Calendar / Re: Lin & Steve at Rainbow
« Last post by Eggy on Yesterday at 06:17:38 PM »
Good choice , guys!
Don't forget that Dimitris likes to throw a dart , or two, and is not too proud to be beaten by any of his guests!!
Arillas Calendar / Lin & Steve at Rainbow
« Last post by SBPL2458 on Yesterday at 05:47:45 PM »
Lin & Steve at Rainbow
Photo Gallery Board / Re: A to Z - Photographs of Arillas and Corfu
« Last post by kevin-beverly on Yesterday at 08:55:54 AM »



Photo Gallery Board / Re: A to Z - Photographs of Arillas and Corfu
« Last post by patrickjohn on April 24, 2017, 04:24:54 PM »
Dear Eggy - I will try to remember that in future! (but you know me!)
Best wishes
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