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Trumpet vines

You can see this plant around Arillas and all over Greece

Campsis common names trumpet creeper, trumpet vine is a genus of flowering plants in the family Bignoniaceae, native to woodland in China and North America. It consists of two species, both of which are vigorous deciduous perennial climbers, clinging by aerial roots, and producing large trumpet-shaped flowers in the summer. They are reasonably hardy and do well with the support of a wall, preferring full sun
Height and spread: 10m by 10m (30ft by 30ft)
Hardiness: Hardy to frost hardy
This extremely floriferous trumpet vine is heat,cold and drought tolerant you can grow this plant south and south west of england
This vigorous vine is at home in open woods, savannas, thickets, riverbanks, disturbed fence rows, roadsides or neglected fields.  Plants are very tolerant of disturbance and are often found in urban situations growing from sidewalk cracks and scrambling up telephone poles or clambering up trees in lawns or other mown areas.
LANDSCAPE USES:  This is a good choice for a Naturalized Area or Wildlife Garden.  Campsis radicans has Showy Blooms and can be used in Deer Resistant Plantings, Roadsides or Restoration Projects.
 Campsis radicans blooms best in sun but will tolerate shaded exposure and almost any soil.
In natural areas this is a resilient vine that is closely associated with the ruby throated hummingbird.
In confined garden spaces plants need sturdy support and a plan of action to curb the rampant growth.  Plants seed aggressively and produce many runners.
This vine is sometimes known as Cow Itch because some animals and people experience an allergic reaction after contact.

The fruit, foliage, flowers and sap are toxic and can cause mild to severe skin rashes and irritation if handled Skin irritation with redness and swelling

Wildlife Value:  This plant is moderately resistant to damage from deer.  The flowers are attractive to hummingbirds which are the principle pollinator of this plant.  White-tailed deer and rabbits eat the foilage.
LANDSCAPE USES:  This is a good choice for a Naturalized Area or Wildlife Garden.
For screening trellises,walls,fences,arbors

They are used in the treatment of women's complaints. A decoction of the flowers is used to correct menstrual disorders, rheumatoid pains, traumatic injuries, difficult urination, pruritis and oozing dermaphytoses.
The root is diaphoretic and vulnerary
Arillas general information / Re: Roaming rates
« Last post by kevin-beverly on Today at 07:50:34 AM »

Hi June

Yes you can pick up Albania in the north west sometimes.
it is rare it is to do with the atmospheric
Just turn off your roaming data then you go back on to your own data
You can just walk down the road and it change back to wind or cosmote 

You cannot override
Because if you are roaming that it will pick up the strongest signal at that time I know mobile technology is changing all the time 
My wife and me sitting in Kostas both iPhones I picked up Albania and bev was on wind
As I said it is rare



Arillas general information / Re: Roaming rates
« Last post by june on Yesterday at 10:06:03 PM »
Thanks very much for that and I'll pass it on to her and she's definitely enjoying it
Arillas general information / Re: Roaming rates
« Last post by GillB on Yesterday at 09:57:23 PM »
Just checked with someone whos more IT techy than me and she should be able to go into her mobile data settings and choose which company she connects to and make that her preference for her time out there. It should change back to her chosen mobile provider once back in Blighty.
Hope shes having a lovely time!
Arillas general information / Re: Roaming rates
« Last post by june on Yesterday at 09:18:22 PM »
My sister is in Arillas now and has picked Albanian but maybe she can try as you suggest and look in settings
Arillas general information / Re: Roaming rates
« Last post by GillB on Yesterday at 08:55:11 PM »
Hi June
Maybe if your further north i.e Roda? In all the years weve been in Arillas its always been a Greek company that weve linked up to. Cosmote or Wind are the two most common our phones connect to.
I would assume you could override it in your phones settings... but Im not an expert.
Arillas general information / Re: car hire
« Last post by soniaP on Yesterday at 07:11:59 PM »
Just wanted to update everyone on  this. In the end we decided to hire a car again from Arillas cars . Like Terry said we have hired from them before and know they are reliable.  Also got a good price. They were there waiting for us at the airport . No problems.
Arillas general information / Roaming rates
« Last post by june on Yesterday at 06:11:14 PM »
I've been told that in Corfu you may pick up an Albanian signal and it's very expensive for calls and messages. Does anyone know if this is correct and if there's anyway to override it.
Photo Gallery Board / Re: A to Z - Photographs of Arillas and Corfu
« Last post by Eggy on June 24, 2019, 10:14:35 PM »
Fancy getting the alphabet wrong , Kevin. - Maybe you're just a pain in the "RRRRR's"
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