Vavilas Fish Taverna

  • Vavilas Fish Taverna
The popular seafood restaurant of the Vavilas family *! With Captain Thomas as principal supplier of course. This traditional Greek fish restaurant in Arillas opened its doors in 1992.
The Vavilas family is one of the most famous fishing families of Corfu since the early 20th century.
This father-son event has resulted in the fish restaurant Vavilas and can rejoice in popularity, both tourists and locals.
Because Thomas does not know what he will hoist up that day, for real seafood lovers it is always worthwhile to ask what is outside the menu to enjoy.
By the way, restaurant Vavilas serves traditional Greek meat and vegetable dishes as well.
Very important to know when you may well hate scales, gills and bones! Thomas and Georgia Tsoukalas give you a warm welcome! * Vavilas is the name of Thomas, although the Tsoukalas surname used.
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Thomas Vavilas
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