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The Arillas Wine Festival in 1st September 2018

The Arillas cultural Organization which is consisted by over 100 members from Arillas, Afionas and Kavadades has established that the Annual  Wine Festival will be taking place this year on Saturday  the 1st September 2018.

It will be starting in the evening at about 20:00 until late in the night, during this time the people of Arillas will be making the wine according to the traditional way, while the music will be playing and the BBQ will be going on with souvlakis and the wine will be for free for everyone who purchases a carafe which you can fill it up as many times as you wish. >The people of Arillas will be showing the traditional way of wine-making, just like our ancestors used to do it for the last few thousand years. The wine that we prepared the previous year will be offered for free to our guests. You need to purchase a carafe for a few euros which can filled up as many times as you wish. Our folklore dancing groups will be dancing many kinds of different traditional dances and in between, the public will be able to join the dance and give it a try.
arillas wine festival

wine festival

wine festival



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