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a traditional Corfiote hotel owned and run by local family a superb location for a quiet holiday just a ten minute walk from the beach A lovely little holiday complex spacious and have fully equipped kitchens Set by the beach, with bars and restaurants close by a family-run establishment
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Makis Apartments
Makis Apartments
Category: Studio Apartments 1 bedroom
Name: Makis Apartments
Contact Manager: Makis Tsoukalas
Created: 2015-01-22
Modified: 2015-01-22
Facilities: Aircondition Free wifi TV Parking
Marinaki Apartmetns
Marinaki Apartmetns
Category: Studio Apartments 1 bedroom
Name: Marinaki Apartmetns
Contact Manager: Dida & Spiros Goydelis
Created: 1999-11-30
Modified: 2015-01-22
Facilities: Aircondition Pool seaview Parking
Category: Real estate property
Contact Manager: Sara Davies
Created: 2015-01-11
Modified: 2015-01-12
Facilities: Aircondition Pool seaview Free wifi TV Parking
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Travel information for Arillas in north west Corfu
Tell us anything you would like to know about Arillas we are going to reply as soon as possible. Send your comments Here:
If you are still looking for accommodation, look up for all the Tour Operators offering packages to Arillas, as well as the Local Apartment Owners , Hotels and Holiday Villas.
Arillas Corfu
Arillas, is situated at the North-Western part of Corfu island.
Quiet and safe resort for all types of tourists, is ideal for families, as children can play with the golden sand or swim in it s crystal shallow waters, for couples and people who are looking forward to escaping from anxiety and noise of the big city, and also to enjoy discovering the Corfiot nature walking through paths leading to the small villages around.
The area of Arillas without being commercialized keeps it s genuine character still, with a variety of small local family-run tavernas and shops, so that it can satisfy even the most demanding clients.
Arillas beach being in between to St George and St.Stefanos bays, has an advantageous position as it s visitors can easily get access to those other sandy beaches as well.
The friendly atmosphere, the beautiful well-known sunsets, the magnificent scenery, and the Corfiot colors which can be everywhere, leave to the visitors unforgettable "pictures" and the wish to come back...


Corfu Beer Festival in October 2014

The dates of the next Corfu Beer and Gastronomy Festival have been announced last night after a small meeting of it's contributors.
This year's theme will be CORFU MEETS UK!!  from Wednesday 8th  until Sunday 12th  October 2014.
It will offer again the opportunity for two different cultures to meet and travel in each other's history. Visitors will get to know the culture, hospitality and gastronomy of Corfu through the exhibition of local products, through presentations of local recipes by local cooks and through educational seminars. This way our visitors will become ambassadors of the real Corfu!!!

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The Arillas Trail

Arillas TrailDuring winter time, the Arillas Cultural Organization in cooperation with other residents and the Business Organization, have made efforts to create a foot path between the two main roads of our Area, as well as a walking trail that starts at the beach

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The Arillas Online questionaire

tsoumanisThe results of our research on the tourism of Arillas were made public on Sunday 20 January. A lot of people came to the presentation and left after a couple of hours much wiser!
To take it from the start, a couple of years ago the Arillas business Association set up a questionnaire to measure how satisfied our visitors were, what they liked and disliked most and other such things. The first year we got 300 replies, the second year (2012) we got back 600 replies. Looking for someone to help us analyse the results of the survey we came across Dr Kostas Tsoumanis.

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Arillas History

An article which was inspired from our forum's topic about whether Arillas is an authentic place or not.
During the middle age, Corfu was full of small communities that lived on the hills away from the coasts, as there was always a fear of foreign attacks like pirates etc. that would come in to the island to robe and destroy what ever they found.

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Boat hire

Escape for the day...
...on an adventure out at sea!!
Choose from our wide range of well looked after boats including speed boats, boats with engines ranging from 10hp to 30hp and larger boats that are perfect for families or groups.
All fully equipped with sun shades, ladders & safety equipment it’s the perfect way to escape for the day!
No previous experience needed & full instruction is given on the day!
Tel: 0030 6937042097

     0030  2663051910

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Corfu Beer made in... Arillas

An article by Morgan Hamilton, columnist at who visited Corfu and discovered the taste of our Arillas beer.
I was in Greece recently and seen a bottle of “Real Ale Special” on the supermarket shelf. Of course this caught my eye and on closer examination I read the label and found out it is brewed in Arillas, Corfu.
Having been to Arillas in the past for a family holiday this intrigued me, so I did some detective work, and also drank quite a few of the beers, only for background information as those of you who know me will be aghast that I strayed from my usual half pint of Newton & Wrigley’s.

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The size of the beach in Arillas Corfu

The size of the sandy  beach of Arillas is different almost  every day. It all depends on the current of the sea and the direction of the wind which moves the waves.
Sand is a liquid element with specific dynamic.
The shape of the beach depends on whether or not the waves are constructive or destructive.

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Resort description

Whether it is a sandy beach and traditional tavernas run by local families, water-sports, quietens and tranquillity; traditional food and drink; you will always find something that will suit you in Arillas.
As it is a good base for exploring the rest of northern Corfu, it is recomended to hire a car, as the local bus service is very poor and fits only the locals who go shoping to Corfu town.

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The Arillas Wine Festival in September 2014

Wine FestivalThe Arillas cultural Organization which is consisted by over 100 members from Arillas, Afionas and Kavadades has established that the Annual  Wine Festival will be taking place this year on Saturday  the 6th September 2014.


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How I found Arillas!

Well, I did not find Arillas It seems that Arillas found me!! I was born in Arillas I sometines ask my guests in the Taverna how did they find our little Arillas. Was it recommended? By a last minute deal? etc. It will be interesting for me and for other people to know your story don't you think so?
Click here to post your story or to see what others say.

ATM in Arillas

ATM in Arillas CorfuThe New ATM of Arillas has arrived on the 9th of August. It is situated next to  Arkokal Travel at the center of Arillas Village. Another cash machine you can find in San Stefanos at Crystal Daizy’s Gift shop next to San Stefano Travel.

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How to eat in Greece

How to eat A cheap guidebook often gives you a list of restaurants along the waterfront or in the town square which any one can see when stepping off a ferry or pulling into town on a bus. The authors of many of these books have been paid by the establishments to be listed.
Alternatively you can learn to make good choices on your own. The first thing to understand about eating in a foreign country is not so much what you can eat, but the local customs and eating habits. If you understand this, then you've advanced a long way in knowing how to eat in a foreign country.

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The Ascension festival in Arillas.

FestivalOn Thursday the 29th of May there will be this year’s first  festival in Arillas.
It takes place near the local Church and old school of Arillas village which is about one and a half km from the beach on the way to Magoulades on the main road.
The local church is dedicated to the The Ascension of Jesus, which was when the resurrected Jesus was taken up to heaven in his resurrected body, (Acts 1:9-11) in the presence of eleven of his Apostles, occurring 40 days after the resurrection.
The church on Analipsi "Ανάληψη" (Ascension) was build during the 50’s by the volunteer help and donations of the people of Arillas.

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Taxi to Arillas

Make your holiday extra special and order a private taxi transfer in advance to take you from the airport to your accommodation and arrive relaxed and refreshed. Your Taxi driver will be waiting for you with your name on a a sign board when you arrive, then he will drive directly to your destination. No waiting or luggage charges.
On outbound flights, your driver will meet you at your hotel or any other meeting point and transport you directly to the terminal.

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Green CorfuCorfu (as we all know!) is one of the most beautiful islands of Greece and was popular for vacations among wealthy Europeans more than a hundred years ago. In the 1960’s and 1970’s the tourism boom really began and tourism to Corfu continued to increase steadily until the end of the century. This touristic development brought a lot of wealth to the island and its inhabitants but, on the downside, also destroyed some of the most beautiful spots of the island and threatens to destroy the rest, due to the greed of many and the lack of planning and regulation.

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