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a traditional Corfiote hotel owned and run by local family a superb location for a quiet holiday just a ten minute walk from the beach A lovely little holiday complex spacious and have fully equipped kitchens Set by the beach, with bars and restaurants close by a family-run establishment


Arillas Corfu webam Our Webcamera is situated on The wall between the Horizon Hotel and Thalassa restaurant in Arillas Beach. It functions every morning until the sun sets. Click on the picture for live broadcasting . Weather Pictures every 5 minutes above Arillas beach
Click for live view


The Picture of The Day
The Picture of the day

San stefanos NW Webcam

The San stef camera is situated above the Waves Taverna on the south part of the Beach overlooking the entire length of San Stefanos Beach and is
 Sponsored by Noula from San Stefano Travel
San stefanos Corfu Webcam

Agios Georgios NW Webcam
This Camera is Situated above ILIOS Jewellery in San George Bay in North west Corfu

Agios Georgios Webcam

Sidari Webcam
This Camera is Located on the roof of "Greek Village" Restaurant showing the beachfront utill "Canal d'amour"  beach.
Sidari Corfu Webcam


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