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Perdita’s glass art creations are unique and exquisite. Her Tiffany-style wares range from small pieces of jewellery to tables topped with glass mosaic and include decorative such as lampsmirrors and individual works of art - the impact of all that she creates is stunning. Perdita’s designs, using hand-made glass, are very special and each one requires a great deal of thought and imagination. Throughout the summer, visitors spend hours admiring her beautiful work and many take a piece home. Fans of her work often place commissions and order items from her which she ships all over the world. If you would like to personalise your home with bespoke interiors, then Perdita can also create window and door panels to your design. Popular pieces include candleholders, where the light glows through rich-coloured glass, and in one of her trademark designs, she cuts a section from an old Corfiot rooftile and fits it with a stained glass ‘window’ to make a backlighter.

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Perdita Mouzakitis
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